How to Slow the Clock

How to Slow the Clock

Stop frowning if you want to avoid wrinkles. It seems silly but it is true. You will build furrow lines in your forehead that won't go away. So if you feel yourself doing it, pinch yourself to stop. Eventually, you will break yourself of the habit. Try to smile more often; you'll feel better too!

Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are being shown to be a great ally in the fight against aging. The fatty acids are amazing for the skin and will help keep it soft and moisturized longer. They are also showing promising benefits in their effects on the brain function as well. So go ahead and have more Salmon in your vitamins for heart and circulation

Here's a quick way to slow down the aging process; quit smoking. If you are a smoker you've heard it all your life, but it's just as true now. Smoking is a huge contributor to how old your skin looks. Plus it also reduces your lifespan as well. It is never too late to quit, so talk with your doctor about steps to take to put out the butts for good.

A lot of women will do anything to prevent the signs of aging from showing. There are several products on the market these days to help. They are marketed literally as anti-aging creams. If you want a fresher look and a younger look then finding the right anti-aging cream for you is a good idea.

You may think grabbing an afternoon cup of tea is only for old folk, but it actually works to help keep you young. Tea is incredibly rich in those, oh so useful, antioxidants which help protect our cells from aging. The practice of having a cup of tea is also a great stress reliever, so go ahead and sip away.

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